It’s time to read!

Here you can find all BTS-related books. I recycled this from my old blog. This time I am posting updated links. None of them are broken. If one of them gets reported/broken please let me know in the comments so I can fix the link(s).

Note: Almost all books are free in PDF format. However, if you can afford it, kindly purchase the books (digital or physical format) from Amazon, bookdepository or your local book shop. Support the writers! πŸ˜€

Oh, also, some books that Namjoon read are only available in Korean so I could not post a pdf format.



Last time updated: 2019/05/13 10:21AM GTM+1
Compilation of pdf books by blum / DO NOT REPOST!

97 thoughts on “BTS BOOKS

  1. hello! thank you for your hard work! do you know if there’s a pdf for β€œI decided to live as me”? I can’t afford that book but i’m really interested


    1. Also!! sorry to inform but I’ve checked out most of the links and a lot of them are not working 😦 The ones available so far: Noonday, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and hyyh notes


  2. I’m just starting out as an army. As a bookie, i want to check out their reading list too but I could not access the links 😦 thank youuu


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